Londonderry Baptist Church & Orchard Centre (Londonderry) Oldbury W Mids

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    As you can see we are not in Northern Ireland as the name suggests. But we are Based in Oldbury in the West Midlands England.
    The area we are in was Originally named after a Farm in the area called Londonderry Farm.
    The Church was founded in the 1930's from The Children's work a local lady set up in her front room, to teach the local children about Jesus. This became a Sunday School and later became the beginning of a local Baptist Church of which we are still affiliated to through the Heart of England Baptist Association. (H.E.B.A.)
    Our Church Vision expresses our Faith and our Mission.
    'We live to pursue and encounter God.
    To be changed into His likeness,
    And to transform Society as we carry
    His presence into the World.'


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